Voices on the book

DAB Deutsches Architektenblatt:

    (…) The architect and floor expert Unger has published the fourth edition of his FUSSBODEN ATLAS® – a „tome“ indeed but in the positive sense of the word. With its high-quality layout, a well thought-out and clear arrangement of chapters, explanatory drawings and photos and its specialist but simultaneously comprehensible language this 1000-page compendium is a very helpful work (…) To be highly recommended!   

Rothacker Bücher-Service:

   (…) Very good practical orientation – optimum usability for the practitioner; this book belongs to the most important books for architects and engineers. (…)    

   (…) An indispensable work of reference of unrivalled completeness and clarity. (…)   

    (…) The most competent and comprehensive work on the market. (…)   


    (…) The editors have an extensive library of specialist literature. We fared best with the FUSSBODEN ATLAS®. (…)    

Siegl´s Fachbuchtipp:

    (…) The practical advice given on all kinds of floors still makes this planning aid indispensable to craftspeople. (…)   

    (…) The practically oriented handbook for the planning and construction of floors. (…)   

    (…) With its comprehensible pieces of advice this unique practically oriented book offers know-how on the planning and construction of floors. In addition you will be given all the important information on the conception, laying and assessment of floors. (…)    

Medienservice Architektur und Bauwesen:

    Best-selling specialist book    

Fachbuchhandlung Karl Krämer:

    Best-selling title for pros in the building trade.    

Fachzeitschrift boden-wand-decke: www.boden-wand-decke.de

    (…) Any more questions? Most unlikely. Whoever has their nose in the almost 1000 pages strong FUSSBODEN ATLAS® by Unger – we are dealing with the 4th, completely revised edition – ,will find an answer to almost any question that arises in connection with floors. It does not matter whether it is an architect, a planner or a craftsperson who wants to extend his or her knowledge in the field. (…)    

Aribert Arbeiter aus Düren (Anker-Teppichboden): www.anker-teppichboden.de

zur 1. Auflage:     Due to the high-quality layout, the well thought-out and clear arrangement of topics, the explanatory drawings and photos, the specialist but at the same time comprehensible language as well as the practically oriented information, the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® is a very helpful work. The logical subdivision into index, real-life examples, problems and suggested solutions as well as the helpful presentation of various forms and an invitation to tender guarantee  an easy handling of the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® and make you want to consult it over and over again.    

zur 4. Auflage:     You have really given a brilliant performance with your new work. Simple, modern layout of high quality, logical and first-rate arrangement of topics, outstanding expositions on a high level – and I should know what that means – congratulations: you have more than outperformed your first work!    

Emil Rinnen aus Clervaux (Luxemburg): www.rinnen-clervaux.com

    (…) An extremely interesting, informative and valuable book. And into the bargain very honest, since it does not make sense to stick to lengthy theoretical specifications which cannot be put into practice at the building site. (…)    

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Haasis (SIKA Deutschland GmbH, Stuttgart): www.sika.de

    (…) On this occasion I want to compliment you personally on this successful work (…)    

Erwin Walker aus Moskau (Floortech GmbH): www.floortech.ru

    (…) I would like to congratulate you, in my opinion the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® is the specialist book with the best descriptions and the most faithful representations and is very realistic (…)    

Harry Timm aus Seth (Fachbuchautor und Berufssachverständiger): www.harrytimm.de

    (…) This is the greatest (in every sense of the word!) specialist book I have ever had. Congratulations! (…)    

Herr Leonhardt aus Troisdorf (Geschäftsführer Bundesverband Estrich & Belag e.V.): www.beb-online.de

    (…) it is impressive how much extensive material you have compiled on the subject of floors (…)    

    (…) meanwhile the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® by the civil engineer and architect Unger – now published in the fourth edition – has developed from a specialist book to a compendium for architects and everyone interested in floors (…)    

Herr Rainer Kessler, aus Schliengen (Firma Kessler GmbH):

    (…) I already had the pleasure of browsing through the book and want to congratulate you on this work since it really is a well-done specialist book. I gladly consulted your last book again and again. This one is still more comprehensive and detailed which will be of great help to me and many others (…)    

Frau Heike Oberst aus Benningen am Neckar (Fa. ESTROLITH GmbH & Co. KG.):

    (…) I wish you a lot of success and I am happy for you because with your FUSSBODEN ATLAS® you have created something you can justly be proud of. One can tell from what you have written that you really care about clarifying things and assisting others! Quite a few old hands could learn a thing or two from you! (…)    

Herr Haci Öztürk:

    (…) I bought your FUSSBODEN ATLAS® and read it today. In my opinion your work is by far the best on the market (…)    

Herr Steffen Leikam aus Stralsund (Berufssachverständiger):

    (…) simultaneously I do not want to miss congratulating you on the fourth edition of the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® – it is the product of good teamwork and will develop into the standard book for anyone whose work lies in or touches on the field of floor constructions and thus is unequalled (…)    

Herr Peter Kunert aus Erlangen (Berufssachverständiger):

    (…) a gigantic work on floor constructions which so far has not been available in such a comprehensive form  (…)    

    (…) what distinguishes the texts in this book is that they show interconnections the planner must otherwise often struggle to work out by himself in comprehensible language (…)    

Prof. Röhling (Verband Deutscher Betoningenieure e.V.):

    (…) I would like to thank you for sending me an issue of the FUSSBODEN ATLAS®, which from my point of view is not only a valuable planning aid but can also be of considerable help to improve the communication between the various people working in the field of construction. Such a work can only be accomplished if you have a wealth of experience! (…)    

Laszlo Brassnyo from Budapest (Tarkett SAS Representative Office):

    (…) I was surprised when the book arrived. There is a big difference in size and weight compared with the previous edition. It is not a handbook any more (…)    

    (…) In times of the virtual media this book impresses by its sheer size and weight. (…) In contrast to many other technical books in which photos of the construction sites and drawings are usually quite small in size, in this book the details in photos and drawings are clearly recognizable. (…)    

Prof. Dr. Andreas O. Rapp/Leibniz Universität Hannover:

    (…) I would like to point out in advance that I consider your FUSSBODEN ATLAS to be an excellent piece of work of immense practical value! (…)