FUSSBODEN ATLAS® – partners 
In the book’s list of addresses as well as at www.quo-vado.com you will find the entries of our FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partners, i.e. firms that have special know-how in the field of floor construction.

You too can opt for an entry in the forthcoming edition of the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® in order to present your enterprise/office/institute etc. in the list of addresses.

The list contains many big names from the field of floor construction. In case you should be interested in contributing actively to the book’s contents by writing an article yourself, you are of course welcome to do so. Enterprises will appear in the list of addresses with logo, full address and list of products, which will make it easier for the reader to contact you. The cost of this kind of entry will amount to 1000 euros net. (Example 1)

Technical experts, planners, architects, institutes, lawyers and associations can also opt for an alternative entry consisting only of the address (without logo etc.) at 150 euros net. (Example 2)

The list of addresses is constantly being used by a large number of planners, building owners and craftspeople in order to find enterprises, offices, technical experts and institutes working in the field of floor construction. Moreover, we directly pass on the vast majority of incoming phone enquiries to our competent FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partners.

In addition, the book constitutes an integral part of the lectures held by Unger, PhD. Civil Engineer / Architect (building trade) at technical colleges and universities, which automatically leads to a wide dissemination.

Example of an enterprise in the list of addresses (Example 1)

Bauernfeind Heinz
ö. b. u. v. Sachverständiger für Estriche
Griesstraße 13
82239 Alling
Telefon +49 (0) 81 41/7 10 34

Example of a technical expert’s office in the list of addresses (Example 2)

Unger, PhD. Civil Engineer / Architect (building trade) will also be at your disposal to assist you in clarifying individual questions on floor constructions (without obligation and liability).

And there is another advantage – FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partners will receive the latest edition of the book at a special price.

As experience with the first editions shows, a FUSSBODEN ATLAS® entry has a high informational value in the market.

Into the bargain the offer is cheap since by paying one partnership entry only, you will appear in all newly printed issues of the next edition for three years (starting out with the date of release).

And as the book is frequently used as a work of reference, your partnership entry will be of use even after many years. Having booked one entry, a renewal after expiry will only amount to half of the original standard price.

Technical data on the products of our partners
Starting with the fourth edition, we can now offer our partners something completely new: if requested, tables with all kinds of technical data on your floor materials will be printed out in the FUSSBODEN ATLAS®. Brand names or the producer will be referred to, so the reader may quickly decide which product suits his or her needs best.
To ensure quick access to corresponding bids for tenders, the reader will find many texts on the products of our FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partners in chapter 18 of the book.

Internet entry included
Moreover, parts of the book’s content can be called up on www.quo-vado.com a search engine for the building and construction industry, which gives access to all search words via the World Wide Web. 

In case you should opt for a book entry, your address will immediately be passed on to the search engine www.quo-vado.com free of charge. Your internet entry will not only be marked by the FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partner logo, but will also get preferential treatment when it comes to sorting the entries according to their importance. 

If requested, FUSSBODEN ATLAS® partners can make use of further services provided by the search engine (e.g. VIP internet pages) at half the standard price.

If you have more questions, the QUO-VADO® team will be at your disposal under the following address:

Industriestraße 12
86609 Donauwörth
Tel.: +49/(0)906/7 06 90 32
Fax: +49/(0)906/23 3 70
E-Mail: info@fussbodenatlas.de
Internet: www.quo-vado.com

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