In case you are interested in lectures or seminars to be held in your region or firm, you should note the following list of suggested topics.

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Vortragsthemen von Dr. Unger als Vorschlagsliste

  • „Screed on wooden beam floors – never again??“
    This lecture deals with different floor constructions that can be applied to wooden beam floors. It especially focuses on possible dangers and technical particularities of various floor types.
  • „Cracks in silicon joints – a planning mistake or a foreseeable constructional defect?“
    This lecture explains why cracks keep appearing in elastic joints and presents ways of minimizing floor deformation.
  • „And what happens to all the water in the concrete slab?“
    This lecture is concerned with the residual water locked in unfinished concrete and points to typical defects connected with it. In addition, ways of minimizing or avoiding defects due to residual water in the concrete slab are shown.
  • „Reinforcement of screeds“
    This lecture gives advice on when and how to use reinforced screed. Furthermore, different reinforcement techniques are presented.
  • „Thermal insulation in floor constructions“
    This lecture presents all sorts of insulating materials and explains which thickness is necessary to reach a certain heat transition coefficient. Construction types according to German regulations on saving energy are illustrated.
  • „Examples of damage and defects from an expert’s practical experience“
    This lecture focuses on case studies that are dealt with in detail and are illustrated by appropriate pictures. Possible remedies are suggested.
  • „Damage due to condensate in floor constructions“
    Typical cases are described in which inadequate thermal insulation has led to the precipitation of condensate within the floor construction. Moreover, measures necessary to avoid this phenomenon are explained.
  • „Damp-proof membranes in floor constructions“
    This lecture introduces various ways of proofing in floor constructions and shows how a proofing should be made to meet the German Industrial Standard (DIN). Alternative methods are also explained.
  • „Planning floor constructions“
    This lecture aims at giving planners advice on the appropriate construction of floors taking into account the following aspects:
    – Examination of the basis and preliminary work
    – Adapting the floor construction to the expected load
    – Incompatibilities between different materials
    – Planning of joints
  • „Points to observe when planning and laying heated screeds“
    Points to observe when planning and laying heated floor constructions are illustrated. Special emphasis is put on expansion and its constraints, bays and correct heating.
  • „Different kinds of screed“
    This lecture presents different types of screed and explains their particular advantages and disadvantages as well as their respective range of application.
  • „Outdoor floor constructions“
    It is explained how outdoor floor constructions (e.g. on balconies or terraces) can be made. Necessities such as damp-proof or geotextile membranes are dealt with.
  • „Creation of joints by means of appropriate profiles“
    This lecture explains the use of suitable floor profiles for various joint types.
  • „The use of accelerated screeds“
    Which accelerated screed systems are there? Which results can be expected? What are the dangers?
  • „Deformation in floor constructions“
    What do typical forms of deformation in floor constructions look like and how can they be minimized?
  • „Refurbishment techniques in old buildings“
    This lecture stresses the particular situation of floor constructions in old buildings that are to be redone and gives advice on adequate refurbishment techniques.