Aim of the book

Each year about 250 million euros are spent in Germany alone to restore newly laid floor constructions. Thus it is not the aim of this book to give just another scientific treatise on floors but to offer practical advice to those planning and constructing floors.

This standard work covers 964 pages including 561 illustrations and is intended as a planning aid for architects, civil engineers and people issuing invitations to tender. In addition, it may give orientation to students in floor-related study programmes. Finally, the information contained in the book can be of use to anybody concerned with the construction and assessment of floors such as craftspeople or legal experts.

Of course the compendium can be read from cover to cover, but the comprehensive index with its short definitions makes it above all a very valuable work of reference. Detailed drawings of typical floor constructions plus corresponding invitations to tender should prove particularly useful for the practitioner.

In the list of addresses you will find firms, experts, associations etc. working in the field of floor planning and construction.